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Our mission is to inspire and connect people

to promote democracy and

strengthen transatlantic collaboration

Facilitated Dialogue

We enable powerful and

inclusive exchanges by creating space for dialogue and transatlantic engagement.

New Perspectives

We provide insights on transatlantic trends and put a spotlight on innovative initiatives in democracy-building.

Curated Networking

We connect the dots by bringing leaders together with the aim of building a

reliable network.

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Tina Höfinghoff. Dedicated Transatlanticist. Passionate Networker.

With almost 20 years of experience curating networking opportunities and enabling a wide variety of dialogue formats on transatlantic challenges and technological innovations,

I'm a strategic partner for facilitating transatlantic encounters with a strong focus on democracy building.

As a host, I design in-person and digital exchange formats with leading thinkers and personalities that are aligned with current political topics of democratic and transatlantic relevance. I connect the dots by setting agendas and bringing stakeholders from politics, business and society together in order to provide a platform for new perspectives.

After participating in early 2023 in a small discussion group with President Barack Obama on democracy-building initiatives, I'm inspired to put democracy-strengthening at the center of my work. As political polarization and democratic discontent pose challenges for our societies and as technology continues to reshape our world, I believe it is necessary to strengthen democratic values, collaboration, and security through inspiration, networking, and community-building.

Through meaningful exchange, we deepen the impact of each other’s work, build strong networks, and nurture our democracy in times of challenge and change.

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